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CIP Catalyst

CIP Catalyst is one of the two pre-seed conditional grants offered by Cradle under the CIP. The CIP Catalyst which is targeted at entrepreneurs in general, offers conditional grants of up to a maximum of…
Funding Categories: Grant.

AIPO Angel Investors Club

AIPO AIC Connects Business Angels To Investment Opportunities In High Growth Intellectual Property Based Ventures At AIPO AIC, we create a platform for you to access business proposals to invest in unlisted potential high growth…
Funding Categories: Angel Fund and Venture Capital & Equity.


AlliedCrowds is the first complete aggregator and directory of alternative finance providers in the developing world. We help donors, investors, and entrepreneurs navigate the alternative finance space through our reports, data, and Capital Finder, increasing the flow…
Funding Categories: Crowd Funding.


Eligibility Criteria Aged 21 – 58 (at the point of application) Must be SME per National SME Development Council’s (NSDC) definition. Business registered in Malaysia and is Malaysian-controlled or Malaysian-owned (at least 51% shareholding) Business…
Funding Categories: Loan.


Eligibility Criteria Aged 21 – 60 (upon settlement of full instalment payment). Business meets either one of the “women” definition stipulated in the FAQ section. Must be SME per National SME Development Council’s (NSDC) definition. Business…
Funding Categories: Loan.

Business Financing Facility for Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

This facility offers business financing to  Persons With Disabilities (PWD)
Funding Categories: Loan.

Business Financing Scheme Post IPMa (SEMAi)

This facility is offered to all MARA Educational Institutions (IPMa) former students. Applicant Eligibility Successfully graduated from IPMa Aged 18 years and  above Recommended by the IPMa from which the applicant graduated The location of…
Funding Categories: Loan.

Business Premises Financing

Alliance Bank offers a wide range of loan facilities that provide businesses the options to finance commercial properties or even refinance existing commercial properties. A suitable commercial property financing option will provide business owners more…
Funding Categories: Loan.
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Business PremiseSmart- i

With our innovative Business PremiseSmart-i financing, you can now own your business premises easier and faster. It is a flexible business premises financing solution that caters to your business needs today and your business goals in the…
Funding Categories: Loan.

Business Start-up Fund (BSF)

Business Start-up Fund (BSF) is established to fund new start-up technology-based companies. The Fund incorporates elements of loan and equity, offering companies flexible funding via Convertible Notes (CN) and/or Preference Shares. The objectives of BSF…
Funding Categories: Grant and Venture Capital & Equity.
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1 - 10 of 73 Record(s)
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