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Innovation Certification for Enterprise Rating and Transformation (1-InnoCERT) is a certification programme used to recognise and certify innovative enterprises & SMEs and to encourage entrepreneurs to venture into high technology and innovation-driven industries. Through 1-InnoCERT,…
Award Categories: Certification.

1337 Innovation Consulting

Here’s how it works. You choose whether to spend a few hours or an entire day with us. We design a custom briefing based on your business and technology priorities. We’ll start the briefing by…
Program Categories: Workshop.

1Malaysia Best

1Malaysia Best is an Endorsement Brand which represents the Malaysian identity to increase the sales and profiles of agro-based products in the local and global markets Objectives Generally, the objectives of the 1 Malaysia Best…
Award Categories: Certification.

3 Steps to Profit

Sharpen Your Knowledge and Skills Now In this simple 2-day mind provoking training programme, our business coaches will empower entrepreneurs with simple strategies to increase the business income and profits using 3 simple steps which…
Program Categories: Training.

5M Investment

5M Investment seeks to generate positive absolute returns by investing in foreign currencies, selective equity and bond through employing a variety of approaches and strategies. An absolute return means a positive return over time, irrespective…
Funding Categories: Venture Capital & Equity.


We Fund Executable Ideas & Exceptional Talent. An Investment Partnership focused on Internet + Mobile Companies. Early And Growth Stage Angel Funding Best suited to provide a bridge and be active in helping secure follow-on…
Funding Categories: Angel Fund and Venture Capital & Equity.


8spaces is part of FlySpaces, the leading platform for workspaces in Southeast Asia.
Space Categories: Co-working Space.

Abacus Capital

Abacus Capital pursues a targeted investment approach for its portfolios. The approach is divided in two categories: income-oriented portfolios and capital gain-oriented portfolios. For income-oriented portfolios, Abacus Capital selects publicly traded equity and debt securities…
Funding Categories: Venture Capital & Equity.
23-May-17 9-37-54 AM

ADB-EXIM Trade Finance Program

ADB-EXIM Trade Finance Program enables EXIM Bank to confirm Letters of Credit (LC) issued by 78 ADB Participating Issuing Banks from 16 Asian countries. The facility is available to Malaysian incorporated companies that wishes to…
Funding Categories: Guarantee Service.

AFFIN SME Financing Scheme (ASF)

To provide loan financing to SMEs.
Funding Categories: Loan.
Affin Bank
1 - 10 of 439 Record(s)
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